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TMC is the no. 1 SBA 504 lender in the nation. Since 1981, TMC has provided $10 billion in financing for over 6,000 businesses throughout California and Nevada. This financing has resulted in the creation or retention of an estimate 60,000 jobs. 

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Clients Needs

Every year, TMC employees and board members hop on a trolley and visit some of their local clients. At TMC, they process about 250 loans a year. The Trolley Tour gives TMC Financing and their future clients the opportunity to see how the SBA 504 Loan has benefited their current clients. In order for TMC to make this event marketable, they needed the event covered. This would be our fourth year working with TMC Financing.

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For this particular production, TMC needed interviews with their clients, location B-roll, photography, and a highlight video showcasing the event. Being that this is a fast paced event, it was requested to work with a small crew of two on location. 

TMC Trolley Tour 2022

TMC Trolley Tour 2022


Having their yearly TMC Trolley Tour highlight videos allows TMC to share real stories from real people. It's one thing to hear success stories from the employees of TMC but being able to visually see the benefits of the SBA 504 loan takes their marketing to a whole new level. 

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