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The Creative Process

Phase 1

Discovery Meeting

During the discovery meeting, our team will learn about your needs and goals. Once we hear about your product, service, or vision in general, we'll begin to discuss the different type of production options available. 
What's important in this phase is to gather as much information as possible so that our team can take all the information into the development stage.

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Phase 2


This is where the magic happens. We develop a creative brief that will incorporate the projects goals, the problem our clients are trying to solve, unique features, current barriers, target audience, values, competitor examples, and distribution for the production. Once we've identified the solution, we'll determine the scale of the production that is realistic with your budget. 

Now we bring it all to life by pitching various ideas. Once an idea is green lit, we develop a visual style, scripts, and storyboards. What's important, is we always go into pre-production with our client knowing exactly what they are going to be delivered. This is a full collaborative experience that you can feel confident going to each phase of production. 

Phase 3

Phase 3



Now we put together the team that is going to make your production shine. During this phase, we take the following steps. 

• Production Timeline
• Source Crew
• Location Scouting 
• Location Management
• Casting Talent ( Actors, Models, Voice Over)
• Shot Lists
• Set Construction
• Production Design
• Costume Design
• Equipment Rentals
• Prop Rentals
• and ETC...

Keep in mind, every production is different and pre-production can have less or more than listed. We work with YOU to identify solutions and provide results. 

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Phase 4


This is where all the preparation pays off.

Our team brings the equipment, crew, talent, and all assets needed to make the production take place. The scale of production can range from small to large. We help you determine the scale that is appropriate for your production.

Phase 5


Our team offers the following post-production services.
• Video Editing
• Sound Design
• Mix 
• Graphic Design
• Color

Our Emmy winning team is ready to take your vision and make it into reality!


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